“I am so fortunate to have worked with Samuel Collier.  He is incredibly insightful and balanced and I was unaware of the extent to which certain beliefs were shaping my actions and my life. I am amazed at how quickly Samuel tuned into these and how diplomatic and inspiring he has been in pointing these out to me.  Samuel helped me establish better boundaries with people, identify and eliminate my own scrutinizing and judgmental behaviors, identify what qualities I desire in a man as my romantic partner, and handle difficult interactions with family members, friends and colleagues.

Samuel’s approach is very non-threatening; he is never critical or judgmental.  I have benefited greatly from learning a different way to think – it’s a huge relief! I feel I have let go of a heavy burden.  Samuel has held me accountable for focusing on the aspects of my life I have ignored, and which aspects I keep telling him I want in my life.  I have made tremendous growth in these areas almost immediately.

There are so many things I enjoy about working with Samuel.  He has incredibly positive energy that rubs off on me every time we speak.  We’ve been working together for almost a year now and I am still thrilled with the results.  I was even provided with an executive coach at work, but I chose to work with him on my own, too.  I highly recommend working with Samuel and I truly believe he will be as successful as Tony Robbins so you better sign up now while you still can!”

-Single Female; Senior Manager, Large Corporation

“My coaching sessions with Samuel were always positive, informative and offered me great learning. The work done on self-care took me to a place of acceptance, connection of physical body with my mind and spirit, and focus on channeling positive energy. Samuel challenged me on old assumptions, limiting beliefs and validated what was possible for me “to be” vs. be consumed with filling my time with actions. I truly learned choice management, self-love, and true appreciation of my “present”. Samuel’s authentic and fun yet persistent style was one that helped me to breakthrough on a very positive trajectory. He is amazing!”

– Dr. Bev, Altadena, CA

“I connected with Samuel though a teleclass he gave around the energy of conflict.   I was at a pivotal point in a personal relationship and knew my own growth in consciousness would be served by engaging some serious, ass-kicking energy work with someone who knew the drill.  Samuel was the man for the job.  As they say, when the student is ready, the teacher appears!  And so he did.  Samuel’s profoundly authentic presence and deep ability to connect called up in me my own deeply authentic presence.  His compassionate yet clear and honest presence allowed me to cut through my own bullshit and deal with what was real.  Samuel valued my raw and real presence and celebrated my empowerment.  I learned more deeply what showing up authentically felt like in my coaching with Samuel…which I then took in a deeper way into the experience of conflict. Samuel is a rock star in the sacred space of conflict.  I also got valuable feedback about how I relate.”

-Mary Armstrong, RN, CPC

“Samuel was a good friend before becoming my life coach, and I feel extremely lucky to have him in both capacities. His excitement and energy for life is infectious and he is skilled at helping you to see your own potential and tap into that which may be holding you back. He has patience and he truly wants to help you to obtain your goals. His varied background is an immense asset to his ability to help in the way that works for you. I highly recommend Samuel to help you achieve whatever path you are working towards, because you will undoubtedly see results!”

-Katie Marston, RN and professional artist