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Small Business Consultations

In today’s post-recession environment, various obstacles remain which threaten the ability of emerging and existing entrepreneurs to launch and sustain successful small businesses. From initial start-up costs to the acquisition and retention of a high quality workforce, entrepreneurs are threatened by a myriad of challenges before reaching the critical threshold of sustainability

As a veteran entrepreneur I am highly passionate and experienced in helping other business owners succeed above and beyond their dreams. My expertise lies in my five years of business coaching experience, as well as multiple other years at the “School of Hard Knox” in owning and managing various small businesses.

Over the years, I have my coaching and consulting skills have been tempered into a specific methodology that will help you better succeed in your business while overcoming the various obstacles most entrepreneurs are typically met with along the way.

As an emerging or existing business owner, my Small Business Consultations will help you:

  • Align your passion with your business
  • Develop a succinct business plan that is focused and efficient
  • Organize the daily work flow of yourself and your employees
  • Define employee roles and delegate tasks effectively
  • Cultivate a thriving workplace culture
  • Develop leadership skills that motivate others through inspiration and example
  • Formulate effective strategies for sales and marketing
  • Build a powerful network of other individuals and businesses that serves your business
  • Create a lasting legacy and an adequate succession plan

My role as a coach and consultant for small business owners can take many forms. Some of the roles in the past have often included:

  • Sounding board for dialoguing about business strategies and decision-making
  • Confidant for stress and conflict management, and gaining insight into various problems
  • Task manager for advanced time management skills, personal accountability, and goal prioritization over the multiple competing objectives within an organization
  • Leadership Training for building the necessary skills, and embodying the qualities and principles of an effective leader

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about how my services can help you, please feel free to contact me at:

Samuelbcollier (at) gmail (dot) com