Executive Coaching Program

Today’s top leaders have their own unique challenges. With the high pressure and shifting demand of today’s competitive business environment, the coaching program I offer can help relieve this pressure, as well as develop the necessary skills, and strategies for managers to lead their organizations to a high level of success.

With my proven methodology, I can help both emerging and veteran leaders:

  • Navigate tough career transitions
  • Gain promotions and advance in their careers
  • Cultivate greater work/life balance
  • Achieve personal goals in regards to health, family, and social life
  • Cultivate effective communication, persuasion, and conflict management skills
  • Cooperate more effectively with colleagues
  • Build greater self-confidence as a leader and manager of people
  • Create a thriving office culture and a high performance work team
  • Formulate effective strategies and make critical decisions across multiple functions and capacities.
    Seek out and utilize effective feedback and gain useful information from employees to improve the function of their business

In my role as an executive coach I often act as:

  • Sounding board for dialoguing about business strategies and decision-making
  • Confidant for stress and conflict management, and gaining insight into various problems
  • Task manager for advanced time management skills, personal accountability, and goal prioritization over the multiple competing objectives within an organization
  • Leadership Trainer for building the necessary skills, and embodying the qualities and principles of an effective leader of your organization

The role of a coach is highly valuable and variable, and changes according to the personal needs of each of my clients. If you have any questions or if a coaching alliance sounds interesting to you, I invite you to please get in touch with me at:

samuelbcollier (at) gmail (dot) com