As without, so within…Creating an Attitude of Abundance

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. – Einstein

When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back. – Nietzsche


Isn’t it a marvel how life sometimes feels like it is never enough? For instance, how often do we feel totally content with our level of success, love, respect, fame, money and free time that we can truly feel we’ve made it?

I know for myself I can sometimes work hard all day, and yet no matter how much I’ve accomplished it can still feel like I haven’t gotten enough done. The same attitude can even be said for life; when looking back at the many completed projects, high achievements, adoring lovers and fulfilling friendships we’ve had, why can it all sometimes feel lacking?

Will there ever be enough or is scarcity the perpetual attitude of  human existence?  Even when we reach our desired goals and accomplish great things in life are we doomed to feel rushed, discontent, and unfulfilled forever?

Then it hit me- The feeling of “not enough” was how I felt about myself on the inside, and there had to be a direct correlation there, for if I did not believe I was good enough then how would the world be good enough for me in return? Further, if I demanded myself to be perfect all the time, I had much higher expectations of life and the people in it- and that’s why all my successes, rewards, and relationships failed to fulfill me.

Coming from a place of scarcity within ourselves, we project scarcity onto the world and create a reality where there is never enough love, time, success, gratitude and joy. The people in our lives aren’t good enough for us and the great successes we’ve achieved in life remain unsatisfying.  As for myself, feeling life was never enough made me feel stingy, and if I’m feeling stingy I’m certainly not being generous with others- and that my friends is directly how I’m creating scarcity in the world!

What if we reverse it? What if instead we choose to believe we are already perfect and the world is a giving place and everything is as it should be.   In this world, fulfillment and achievement come easy and we are also good enough to achieve anything we want.  Choosing this belief state of mind of abundance rather than scarcity.  This seems like a world I would want to live in,  so why not choose the one that feels best and benefits us the most?

If you are feeling conflict coming up around this proclamation, you are not alone.  There are other limiting beliefs about life intertwined and supported by your belief in scarcity that are feeling threatened right now. You are shaking the foundation of your reality here, and liberation and abundance are inches away….Nice work!

What we project onto the world comes back to us….What comes back to us reflects into us who we are…Whatever we believe ourselves to be we project onto the world. Thus, our reality is the perfect feedback loop between Perception-Attitude-Result…The external reflects the internal and vice versa. What we believe we can achieve we aim for.  You can therefore transform your life gradually by working on either level.  If you don’t like how you feel do something different.  If you don’t like the result you are getting, change your attitude about yourself and/or the world and see what happens!

This is what I call the reciprocal relationship between the internal and external. What we believe ourselves capable of we achieve. What we believe about the world we draw to ourselves. Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Reality, however,  is highly convincing and it is tempting to adopt a negative mentality. However, because the reciprocal relationship exists, so does the power of choice. We always have the choice of whether or not to get down on ourselves or the world for what it’s giving.  However, what if we look at failure or setback as an additional learning opportunity for growth? Takes the sting out of it doesn’t it!  And since perception is therefore always a choice, then why should external results have any impact on how we perceive ourselves at all?  The answer is it shouldn’t!

It is up to us to each maintain responsibility for our own feedback loop. You can and do have a choice to make in every moment of how you perceive yourself and this influences the outcome. Ultimately, reality is a self-fulfilling prophecy. These things take time and we all have many years of subconsciously ingrained thought patterns to work through here. So please be kind, gentle, and allow yourself to gradually unwind,…and for God’s sake get started!

We’ve created these feedback loops over the course of are lives, often when we are younger it is easier to fall victim, make poor belief choices, as we never saw any other way….Part of growing up is realizing this and the fact you have the power to change it now. We can’t blame our younger selves for being so vulnerable, just like we can’t blame our parents, teachers, peers, leaders and anyone else in our lives who pushed their beliefs on us in the past, today! That was is the past and it is only you who is holding onto it in your mind, so why not let go and try something new?

Think about this one:

“I already am everything I am trying to achieve.”

We all have the capacity to feel fulfilled in every moment and to come from a place of abundance. In order to reach this state of mind there are 3 processes to commit to:

1) Find your Life Purpose: connect with your passions, and come from that state of mind in everything you do. Find outlets for it in the world where you can fully express and are fully received. Find as many as you need in the form of careers, projects and hobbies…etc. Align with relationships that support you in this state of being- both personally and professionally. Nurture these, cherish these, appreciate these. Let go of what doesn’t serve you.

2) Open and Embrace everything: Pain is your greatest teacher; Release the past– forgiveness, letting go, saying no– everytime you feel miserable or have a setback this is a gift and learning opportunity. Feel it, embrace it, and let it release. Embrace every belief and thought pattern that arises and delve deeply to find where it comes from. You will need to do this over and over and gradually they will all release. Move towards things that are scary, they will help you grow the most. Move towards honest vulnerable conflict resolution. When you have conflict on the outside, you have conflict within. Let your enemies and arguments be your greatest teachers. If you always move towards repeating pleasure you will get lost in it, and your shadow will make a harsh comeback.  Balance and grounded awareness are key to experiencing pleasure and success on a deeper level while not becoming addicted or avoiding pain.

3) Cultivate a Wholesome Attitude: Love, Gratitude, Abundance, Passion, Joy, Peace, Patience, Perseverence, Service, Cooperation— these are the true currencies of the universe. Spread them generously, wildly, and widely like fire and your life will change externally. If you’re external world looks like this, so will the internal. If your internal looks like this you will easily be in the flow of abundance and able to create external results.  Maintaining a positive attitude even in the face of adversity is the true mark of spiritual accomplishment.  How bright you shine in the down times says everything about your true character.


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