Sacred Wound

Once upon a time there was a child of God named Baby, and when he was born he separated from God. And when he separated from God, he forgot he was a child of God and a wound formed in his soul like a small hole and that wound was sacred…

And the world was a beautiful place and had many wonderful beautiful things to share with Baby. And at the same time, it was a messed up place and many horrible messed up things happened to Baby in the beautiful messed up world.

And Baby’s parents loved him, but they were messed up too. And they tried to love Baby by filling his hole with only beautiful things. And they tried to protect Baby from all the messed up things- and though they had the best intentions, they had holes too and they sometimes hurt Baby, and that made Baby’s hole feel bigger.

As Baby got older he learned to fill his own hole. And when he went to school, all the teachers were messed up too. And baby learned to fill his hole by playing with the other children, but all the other children had holes just like Baby.  And some of them loved Baby and helped him fill his hole. And some of them were mean to Baby and that made his hole feel bigger.

And that’s how Baby grew up in the beautiful messed up world. All along the way Baby tried to love the messed up people.  And sometimes when he loved them, he hurt them- even when he didn’t mean to…And sometimes when they loved him back they hurt Baby- even when they didn’t mean to. And that made his hole feel even bigger.

And finally when baby became an adult that’s when he realized something was messed up about the beautiful messed up world…and inside of him there was this huge hole he was carrying around his whole life that he was always trying to fill….and that’s when baby decided he must be messed up because he had this huge messed up hole…and that’s when he decided he was just another messed up person in the beautiful messed up world…and that made Baby’s hole feel even bigger.

….So then he looked back on his life searching back in the past for the bottom of the hole- and whatever caused him to be so messed up- so he could finally figure out how to fill it once and for all….

And in his past he found all the angry faces of all the messed up people and that reminded him of all the horrible messed up things that happened to him- so he blamed them. He even blamed his parents when he knew deep down that they had loved him and had tried their best- but they too had hurt Baby without even meaning to- and blaming them made his hole feel even bigger.

…And baby kept on searching for a cause and blaming them all until he felt even worse, and no matter how angry he got he could not change what they had done. And no matter what he still could not find an answer for how to fill this enormous messed up hole….

And sometimes Baby’s hole felt so huge that he felt despondent. And he even blamed God for making the world such a messed up place that it would hurt Baby- and he finally said “Why hath thou forsaken me?” And God having been forgotten all this time gave no response. And that’s when Baby realized he was truly alone and he became very dark.

…And he grew so dark that he began to rage and the rage tore him so deeply that the hole became bottomless, and finally Baby felt so exhausted from trying to fill his bottomless hole that he gave up and fell in….

…And Baby fell so far and fast through that bottomless hole that he was overwhelmed. And along the way he blamed once again all the angry faces of all the messed up people that had hurt him throughout the years. And he was so overwhelmed by despair that he finally surrendered….

…And when he surrendered he saw how he was falling through the past inside the hole and that it had no power over him any more, and that’s the first time Baby felt acceptance…

…And when he fully accepted that he could not change anything about the hole, that’s when baby came out the other side…

And Baby sat on the edge of the hole gazing back at all the faces of all the messed up people that had hurt him, and he finally saw how they were trying to fill their own holes too. And then he looked past all the faces, all the way back to the top of the hole and that’s where he saw the shining eyes of Baby staring back at him…

And then Baby remembered God and how he was once connected to God and that’s how Baby felt his Sacred Wound. And then Baby looked once again at all the beautiful faces of all the messed up people and he said “Forgive them, they know not what they do.” And that’s when Baby felt compassion.

And when Baby fully forgave them he clearly saw himself for the first time and that’s when he realized the hole was a mirror. And when he looked into the mirror he saw a beautiful person no longer messed up anymore, and Baby fully loved himself for the first time. And finally recognizing himself in the mirror he remembered he was a child of God and then Baby felt bliss…

…And what was once a Sacred Wound, had now became a Well of Bliss, and for the first time Baby felt whole.

…And what was once a bottomless hole had now become a mirror, and finally Baby had become fully human.

…And anytime thereafter Baby forgot he was a child of God, he sought out the well inside the hole, and was filled with bliss once again.

And Baby finally decided he was a beautiful person in a beautiful messed up world and that everything was perfect just the way it was. And Baby took his mirror and went forth to show the other beautiful faces how they were beautiful too…


6 thoughts on “Sacred Wound

    1. Partially inspired by you my friend…your own v2v story sparked an old desire to write fairy tales in me. I read yours again and felt some similar tones– I sometimes feel like we are at a similar frequency!

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