Inspiration is Motivation

Sometimes words like discipline and duty make me sleepy….Trying to force myself to do something I don’t want to do is like trying to push an enormous boulder up an endlessly steep hill….So how can I get myself to do something that I just don’t want to do?  Truthfully, it’s almost impossible and I know many of you feel the same way, and that is why I invented this simple formula that can work for people like us, how we structure our day and that could benefit every level of society.

Lawrence Kohlberg  talked about the difference between Pre-Conventional and Post Conventional morality is his writings.  Though I don’t claim to be an expert on Kohlberg and my comparison is a bit of a stretch, this model is an excellent jumping off point for my discussion around finding motivation.

Pre-Conventional Morality is based on motivations around rewards and punishment .  It is the “carrot on the stick” mentality.  Essentially, we follow certain actions based on the rewards they bring (like making money) or the punishments we avoid (like going to jail).

For those of us “working for the weekend” and staying in that job we hate “just for the money,” it is harder to feel motivated.  Post Conventional Morality on the other hand is another stage of development where the individual makes decisions and actions based on his/her own intuition and high-level reasoning.  In terms of finding motivation, it is as if the actions are driven by a sense of higher good or purpose, and to bring in yet another psychological term, this PCM person resembles a “self-actualized individual.”

The Self-Actualized person is living their life purpose.  They are inspired and fulfilled by the work that they do and they are highly motivated and productive individuals who seem to accomplish great tasks with ease.  They are not concerned with rewards and punishments as their actions are motivated by compassion and the joy of the act itself.  They are natural leaders and easily inspire loyalty and motivation in other people.

We can all live like this and feel like this!….So just what is the secret?

“Inspiration is Motivation.”

And that’s it!  When you are inspired, there is no more inner critic standing over you with a whip, or carrot on the stick keeping you in line.  Inspiration is natural.  It is a power and a sense of connectedness welling up from within, and that is why it is so easy to move boulders when you are living your purpose and feeling inspired.  Work no longer feels like work when you are passionately inspired, and motivation comes quite easily when inspired.  Gone is that eagerness for the weekend because you are in love what you are doing and motivated by the act itself.

This is also why many people take a pay cut to do what they love such as serving a social cause or pursuing their art.  Not that you can’t make money doing such things- that is a limiting belief that I coach people out of every day!  The main point here is that finding your purpose in life and connecting with your personal inspiration in whatever it is you are doing is the utmost important task to feeling motivated consistently.

Sometimes you can even run your entire daily schedule based on inspiration by asking yourself “What task feels most important or inspiring to do right now?”  Prioritization of tasks is an important skill for the entrepreneur and if you can tune into your intuition, you will know what you need to do next today…This is advanced level though, and I can coach you here when you are ready, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Imagine how our world would be run on inspiration!  How at peace everyone would be, and how productive!  This is the world I want to create so I started by creating it for myself and now I seek to help others do the same…

Again, if you want this and you are ready for change, let me know.  And until then remember: find the inspiration and that will get you moving.  I guarantee it!


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