Abundance Flows

One of my commitments to myself is to stop fighting abundance in my life.  It almost seemed absurd to me when I realized I have trouble receiving gifts.  Rather than being a vessel of abundance, wealth and prosperity, my ability to receive was approximately the size of a thimble.  All the guilt, blame, shame, doubt, remorse and resentment that I ever carried around with me was clogging up the rest of the receptacle.   I needed more space- more space for abundance to flow.

My three steps to allow more abundance to flow into my life are forgiveness, letting go, and saying ‘No.’  The result of all three of these actions is to polish my inner Feng Shui by shedding what no longer serves me.  This greater space allows the things I do want to enter my life such as love, money, health etc.

By forgiving we release the blame and resentment towards others.  By forgiving ourselves we release guilt and shame, and by letting go of doubt and regret we clear the way.  Saying No allows the vessel to remain open and receive what were do want in our lives and to avoid taking on anything that will bring in more guilt, blame or shame.

How does abundance flow?  It is because giving and receiving are essentially the same thing.  It is an end to a duality.  We believe superficially and falsely that by giving something away we are losing it.  Further, this implies the false belief we owned it in the first place.  This is not how abundance works.  To cling to something is the opposite of abundance.  In order to receive you must make room in your life by letting something go.  Thus giving and receiving are complimentary.

Recently I learned the sweetness of giving at Jesse and Sharla’s Rejuvenate Your Practice conference.  It was an intimate bonding moment with another participant where I was holding space and she was releasing something deeply heartfelt and healing.  I was holding the space.  She was sharing of her self.  Who was the giver and the receiver in that moment?  Both!  I could literally taste the sweetness in my mouth.  Giver and receiver were one.  That is when I learned that in essence both actions are the same thing because of empathy.  There is no true abundance unless abundance is shared.

Thus abundance can flow as there is no need and no real ability to hold on.  Abundance is like a great waterfall flowing over the edge of my cup and filling the stream.  There is always more coming so no need to possess; and possession is an illusion and the death of abundance.  So best to let it go and to invite it in.  Best to receive it overflowing in your cup, and to drink thirstily letting it dribble down your chin!


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