About Me


As the Authentic Coach, I work with corporate leaders and entrepreneurs helping them identify the core strengths of their business and leverage them strategically to overcome various obstacles in their business.

In today’s competitive environment, business leaders are faced with unique challenges including poor employee performance, low productivity, high turnover rates, maladaptive communication styles, and dysfunctional office cultures- all of which cost money, diminish progress, and inhibit the optimal functioning of the business.
With my comprehensive methodology, I deliver effective interventions that overcome these obstacles and optimize the functioning of your business.  The interventions can consist of individualized coaching, consulting, and/or employee training programs strategically designed to assist your company in obtaining the outcomes desired.

Goals & Outcomes

Some of the broader outcomes I can help facilitate at your company or small business include:

  • Enhancing communication, conflict management, and managerial skills of existing and emerging leaders and work teams
  • Instituting ethics, policies,  best practices, and management strategies
  • Organizing work flow and creation of high performance work teams
  • Transforming workplace culture and eliminating maladaptive behaviors
  • Acquiring, mentoring, and retaining high quality talent
  • Aligning individual and departmental outputs to the company mission

Philosophy and Methodology

My philosophy and methodology were developed from years of professional coaching experience, my background in corporate hospitality, and running small businesses myself. I have named my methodology Embodied Leadership as it incorporates a model of training embedded both in my coaching techniques, and the skill training, and professional development I provide.

Clients in my program learn to lead by example and literally “walk their talk” by enacting skills and strategies tailored to their specific character and company’s needs- all which arise authentically from the ethics, principles, and core strengths they have learned to recognize and engage within themselves and their business.

Coaching in itself is a type of mentoring, and therefore, the strategies and techniques I use to coach clients through challenges simultaneously serve as a model for the growing leader on how to mentor, persuade, and motivate employees.  My coaching programs and trainings are all experiential, and clients are taught by example accordingly through a hands-on approach.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for a free consultation.  I also offer a low-cost Introductory 90 Minute Coaching Session, the best way to see if coaching is the right path for you.

You can reach me at:  SamuelBCollier (at) gmail (dot) com